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No individual person is like another. Massage therapy is just the same. At Winter Tree Massage, I aim to create a space where you can focus on your healing and seek relief from pain and discomfort. Together we find the source of the problem during our session and aim to relieve the pain at its core. I specialize in a holistic and direct approach to increasing mobility and treating hip and low back pain. Every session with me is completely tailored to your needs for the day. Some days you just need to have a relaxing massage to unwind, some days complete and focused work on that nagging problem area will relieve all the week's worries. Wherever you are in your journey, I want to help you find relief and help rid the pain at its source.

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Back and hip pain can cause you to feel pain when bending over or even crossing your legs. It can even affect your sleep as you try to get comfortable at night. If you are tired of stiffness and muscle spasms, schedule your appointment today.

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“I have known Rachael for almost 10 years and I can honestly say, the world is a better place with her in it and it shows through her massages. She is so comforting and knowledgeable and I would trust her with any pain I am having. She knows exactly where to go and how to get right down to the source of the problem. I have followed her throughout the last 10 years and hope to continue for the next 10 and more!”

Tara S.

“I’ve had many, many massage therapists and NO ONE compares to Rachael! Her knowledge of muscles and the body is truly amazing. She can tell if there’s an issue, even if I wasn’t aware. I’ve been going to her for years and will continue the relationship as long as she’s in business. Warning…once you let Rachael work her magic on your aching body, you’ll never be happy with anyone else!”

Laurie A.

“I have had a LOT of massages in my adult life. Rachael’s attentive nature, skill, and mastery of kinesiology created THE BEST massage experience I have ever had. I am ecstatic to have found a new massage therapist since moving to CoS a few months ago and having been spoiled by a very skilled therapist in my former town the last 3 years. If you need stress relief, have pain, or just need some soothing touch, I highly recommend Rachael!”

Ben W.

“Rachael was awesome! My massage felt fantastic, she identified and alleviated several key areas of tightness, and had helpful personalized recommendations for ongoing care after the session. She clearly knows her stuff and cares for her clients. Her healing space is peaceful, clean, and relaxing, and the whole building has been beautifully renovated recently. I highly recommend her!”

Julie S.

“I have trusted Rachael with my massage therapy for a decade. Rachael is incredibly empathetic both to my mood and to my body condition. She’s an expert at varying her technique, massage pressure, and overall ambiance of the session to my state of mind and muscle needs. I’m a middle-aged athlete and often, after a weekend of beating myself up on a mountain, rock climb, bike trail, or ski run, I count the days until I see Rachael because I know she’ll target the sore muscles and I’ll get some relief. There have also been plenty of times where the daily chaos of my career leave me pretty frazzled. With Rachael, I’m “in like a lion, out like a lamb.” She’s literally taken me from “zingy with stress” to “fast asleep” on her table. Rachael has a gift. I call her an angel. She’s an incredibly talented healer .”

Sarah S.

“Rachael is my absolute favorite! I met her 5 years ago seeking relief for severe neck and back pain. I really love that at the beginning of every session she makes sure that she has a clear understanding of pain/problem areas that I want to work on then takes care to pay special attention to those areas. You can tell that she is passionate about massage and helping people. I always leave feeling refreshed and relaxed!”

Jheri P.

At Winter Tree Massage Therapy

I am here to aid you in your journey to relieve your chronic back and hip pain, to help improve flexibility, sleep and overall quality of life.

At Winter Tree Massage Therapy, I can help relieve your chronic back and hip pain to help improve flexibility and sleep. Increase your enjoyment in life and begin to feel better.